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We are sports loving people and connected with Sports Activities all the time. We are in business of Sports related Software Development. With in depth knowledge and analysis of sports activities, we are coming up with Web Solutions from time to time. These Solutions help sports world to do the things with ease and simplicity. Our Solutions reduce the hectic processes involved in day to day sports activities related with Sports Managements, Sports Information, Awareness.

Our Achievements
www.tdtta.org is an Official Website of Thane District Table Tennis Association, Thane, Maharashtra, India. We have developed this website in 2016. With detailed study of Association's working in table tennis activities, we proposed web solutions which have simplified their lots of activities. The regular activities like District, State and National level tournament registration is online, stopping the old method of manual registration. Communication of dates of upcoming tournaments, draws of matches, circulars, resolutions, rules and regulations made easily available to players and parents. Detailed information on all Table Tennis Clubs, registered players is available for existing and new upcoming players, increasing the awareness of the Table Tennis in district. The site also provides all District tournaments results, rankings and Head to Head count. Golden Moments keeps memories of prise distribution alive for long time, encouraging old and new players. Our idea of presenting Star Players of Thane, exclusively in innovative format with their achievements was the very popular. Visit www.tdtta.org and keep yourself updated on Thane TT activities.

Table Tennis is played by maximum number of nations in Olympics. It is a very fast and quick game. TT Players are trying their best to uplift their performance. Thier parents, coaches are taking lot of efforts too. We want to play our part in this journey. After viewing lots of table tennis matches, we have tried to offer a tool called Table Tennis Performance Scanner which can help players to analyse their own games by themselves. It is a systematic, accurate and longterm solution. Things can be more clear and quicker to understand when one try to find the answers on his own. TTPS analyses many aspects of game such as Services, Service Returns, Points won and lost on variety of strokes and lots of things. Players can know their weaknesses and strengths. Along with self, players can understand opponents' playing style and plan accordingly. TTPS is an innovative tool and it will surely help upcoming and experienced players too. Visit TTPS to learn more about it.

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